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The Four Ways of Divorce

Now in its second edition and now on Kindle

You may need to journey down the warpath to stand up for what you must. Or if you and your X2B don’t hate each other just because you are getting a divorce, you may work together to custom design your new, separate lives, or your new two-home family.

This book tells you in detail exactly what you need know to make informed decisions, describes how you can write up your decisions in a legally binding document, or what will happen if you go to court. The back of the book contains a chart for the easy comparison of the litigation, negotiation, collaboration and mediation processes, along with many helpful financial worksheets.

This Second Edition contains a new section addressing how best to discuss the separation and divorce with your children. You will also find an explanation of the Informative Mediation Process, and an extremely useful General List of Topics to be Resolved. Whether sitting down to Work it Out, or standing up to Fight it Out, for information to help shape and control your new future, and to control the costs, don’t wait one minute more to order The Four Ways of Divorce.

Read real Amazon reviews of the first edition:

A MUST read for anyone going through a divorce. More comprehensive than I expected. I learned more from reading this book in 45 minutes while my kids were having haircuts than I did from 2 other lawyers paying fees close to $2,000.00!! This is an empowering book. When you are drowning in a sea of emotion, Rachel throws you a rope to pull yourself up and out onto solid ground so you can focus on what really matters. Save yourself time and money- start your divorce here!

* * *

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, this is the one book you need to read. Clear, concise, and written for the "average lay-person", this book will walk you through the process of litigation, negotiation, collaboration and mediation - all in terms and processes that you will understand. Especially helpful are the financial worksheet forms in the back of the book. Although no one can profess to know exactly what a judge's final decision will be, this book prepares you for whatever the court may order. It asks lots of questions that you need to be asking yourself as you navigate your way through the divorce process. Custody, property settlement, when to tell the children/how to tell the children: this book deals with it all. It doesn't just throw legal jargon at you and hope that you understand. Ms. Virk explains in detail the entire process that each person will go through and how to best deal with the court process as a whole. The book succeeds in not bashing or trashing the other party, and instead helps you deal with the entire separation/divorce process from start to finish. This book also gives you hope that you can get the happiness you deserve. Ms. Virk does not promise that you will not be put through the fire. She gives you the tools and teaches you not only how to deal with the flames but how to survive with only marginal burns and heal yourself, becoming stronger and happier in the end. It is refreshing to hear a lawyer tell you ways to keep your money and your sanity, and ways to keep costs down on what can be a very expensive battle.

* * *

This book is a 'must have' for anyone considering a divorce, or who has already begun the process. It provides insight and clear strategies for proceeding with your own divorce. Divorce can be a very painful situation; the author deals with the emotional issues involved with compassion, and also a no-nonsense attitude regarding protecting yourself, your children and property, should your spouse show hostility or violence when faced with the divorce. Her discussions detailing how to prepare and what to expect are reassuring. She comes across as a compassionate and competent attorney, and also prepared to 'go to the mat' in your defense.

* * *

Rachel’s book is a necessary first step in a challenging journey; it props you up, gives you danger signs, rewards you for making good decisions and challenges you to raise above your circumstances. While Rachel can't promise gold at the end of the rainbow, her book serves as a quintessential guide along the yellow brick road. Those of us who've read her book, heeded her advice and resolved to preserver can indeed attest to a prosperous and meaningful life after divorce and maybe a chance to wear a pair of ruby red slippers….beneath every incident of suffering, lays a beautiful spark of wisdom and power...

* * *

Having been separated/divorced now for about 7 years, I wish I had this book at the start of it all. My ex-husband and I had a fairly amicable parting, but the pain and confusion at the beginning, especially when children are involved, is huge and the more solid resources one has the better! This book is very well organized and provides a very clear explanation of what to consider when choosing an approach. I've come across it as our children have gotten older and we realized we failed to make considerations in our agreement. We failed to anticipate how the needs of our children would change so dynamically as they got older. This book helped us tremendously.

* * *

Rachel Virk breaks down the complex and emotionally laden subject of divorce into manageable choices. She then explains matter-of-factly the sub-processes invoked on taking each of the choices. Before going on, let me interrupt right now to say with emphasis - This is one genuine, honestly-written book.

* * *

Virk tells the story of divorce, its outcomes, life afterward and lessons learned with compassion and in sparse and simple language. It's an easy, quick read simple to understand without being simplistic. One style employed is her asking and answering many, many questions, some of the more important ones she's likely dealt with in her 19 years of litigation experience. As she puts it, "Make sure you know the right questions to ask, and then make sure you get the right answers from the right professionals..." Meanwhile, she continues throughout the book to deliver How-To lists focused on keeping your money and not giving it to lawyers. It's a downright subversive attitude, not a self-serving agenda you may expect from a lawyer.

* * *

In "The Four Ways Of Divorce, Litigation, Negotiation, Collaboration and Mediation," Rachel Virk breaks down the complex and emotionally laden subject of divorce into manageable choices. She then explains matter-of-factly the sub-processes invoked on taking each of the choices…. Yet it is "the deviance from the purely practical that draws me in. Virk devotes a significant portion of the book to healing, finding "rehabilitative experts," preserving the family and most importantly, the children. Like books you can open to any page hoping for an answer as if divined, Virk's book does just this.