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The Emotional Aspects Of Divorce

(Part One) Interview with Hira Rehman, Host, Be Eminent

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The Emotional Aspects Of Divorce

(Part Two) Interview with Hira Rehman, Host, Be Eminent

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Family Law in Virginia during COVID-19


Shared Custody during COVID 19


How to Meet the Children's Needs during a Divorce


How to Choose a Divorce Attorney


About Attorney Rachel Virk


About The Four Ways of Divorce


Positive Things to Say to Your X2B in a Divorce


Natalie Armstrong-Motin interviewing Rachel Virk about "The Four Ways of Divorce"



1. How Do I Get Started?


2. SHOULD I WORK IT OUT through Mediation or Collaboration, OR FIGHT IT OUT through Negotiation or Litigation?


3. Not Everyone Hates Each Other Just Because They are Getting a Divorce!


4. The Nuclear Litigation Option!


5. What About The Children?


6. 13 Ways to Be a Bad Parent


Video: What Exactly To Say To The Children (A Short Script)


Video: A Discussion Regarding Telling The Children You Will Be Separating And Divorcing


Interview with Inkandescent Radio's Hope Katz Gibbs

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How to Decide Whether to Fight it Out or Work it Out –MUST LISTEN Interview