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Mediation - Usually Completed Within Three Sessions

Why mediate with Rachel L. Virk, and not elsewhere?

  • Ms. Virk has handled hundreds of mediation cases.
  • Ms. Virk is a practicing Virginia divorce attorney who litigates, and can therefore ethically provide evaluative information.
  • Ms. Virk is Certified by the Judicial Council of Virginia at the highest Circuit Court Family level.
  • Ms. Virk is the longest continuously Attorney Certified Mediator in all of Loudoun County.
  • Ms. Virk practices throughout Northern Virginia, and can mediate your Fairfax or Loudoun County case.
  • Most mediations with Rachel L. Virk, P.C. are complete after approximately three sessions of approximately two hours each.
  • You pay for only ONE mediator – not two co-mediators. 

Before you go to court and hope for the best, see how with a commitment to mediation we can find what works best for you and your children.

Call to set up an initial meeting with both you and your spouse to receive an explanation and overview of the Mediation Process. See how we can help you work through those difficult areas where you need help reaching agreement.

Through mediation you have the ability to craft creative solutions, and have the flexibility to try out different custody and visitation arrangements for limited periods of time before reaching a final binding resolution.

Whether your case involves the valuation of a professional practice or a business, an analysis of partially marital and partially separate vested and non-vested stock options, investment properties, military benefits, defined benefit and defined contribution retirement accounts, and/or all the important concerns regarding your children, mediation can work for you. In fact, it can work better than giving control over your life to a Judge who will only see a snapshot in time of your situation, before making decisions which will profoundly and forever affect the rest of your and your family’s lives.

Take control out of the Judge’s hands and put your life’s new direction in your own hands.

Ms. Virk will give you and your spouse a comprehensive list of topics to be resolved, will help you to see the options available to you, and will make sure you are fully informed as to the likelihood of obtaining what you want through litigation. At the end of the process Ms. Virk will draft your binding Separation Agreement and language for your Retirement Court Orders.

To learn more, read Rachel Virk's article, Informative Mediation—A New Model for Tough Economic Times or check out her book, The Four Ways of Divorce