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If you need to stand up to your spouse, or if you need to stand up for your rights or for your children, you may have no choice but to fight it out in court.

Litigation is expensive and a rather old-fashioned way to resolve disputes, but sometimes you have no other choice.

As you work your way through the litigation process, Ms. Virk will decide with you as to each course of action to take, will educate you and inform you each step of the way, will help you to be an active participant in the preparation of your case to the extent you are able, will ensure that your testimony and the testimony of all of your witnesses are prepared, and will take your case to the ultimate resolution by the court.

Ms. Virk has been committed throughout her entire career to ensuring that phone calls and e-mails are promptly responded to, that work on your case is done timely and correctly, and that your needs are addressed.

Sometimes you just have to go to court, but that does not mean you are leaving your fate to chance. Ms. Virk has the knowledge and experience to help you.

To learn more, check out Rachel Virk's book, The Four Ways of Divorce.