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Getting Started...

How to select a divorce attorney

When you first contact Rachel L. virk, PC, we will determine to what degree you and your spouse may be able to resolve the dissolution of your marriage amicably. From the very outset you and Ms. Virk will decide together whether to work it out the easy way, or fight it out the hard way.

Whether the issues concerning your divorce are “simple” or “complex,” your feelings of uncertainty are probably the same. Ms. Virk will guide you through the turmoil surrounding the decision to separate, will inform you as to Virginia and local law and practice, and will help you stay in control to make your new life plan.

You may mediate your divorce with Ms. Virk and your spouse, you may retain Ms. Virk for collaborative representation to settle your divorce case with your spouse and his or her attorney, you may have Ms. Virk prepare a Property Settlement Agreement proposal to send to your spouse for negotiation, or you may head right to court.

No matter which path you choose to take, Ms. Virk will make sure you are fully informed as to your options and the likelihood of obtaining what you want through litigation.

Ms. Virk handles the equitable distribution of marital assets including business and professional practices, stock options, and private, government, and military pensions; custody and visitation; spousal support; child support; and prenuptial agreements.

Whether through litigation, negotiation, collaboration or mediation, whether you have a complex divorce or an uncontested divorce, Rachel L. Virk, P.C. will provide detailed and efficient, quality representation.

Rachel L. Virk, P.C. is a professional law corporation registered with the Virginia State Bar.

Call to set up an initial consultation either for separate representation, for collaborative representation, or for representation in mediation with your spouse.


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